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Greetings! After a long academic exile, I'm back with some exciting news. cain #5 is due out at the end of the summer. Features include: thought-provoking essays on the gritty subterranean world of Beijing, where I spent last summer doing research on urban culture; reflections on a relative's descent into insanity; gay bingo in Connecticut; iconoclastic pedagogy in the NYC public school system; pacifism still clinging to life in an age of war; my disturbingly calm reaction to the 9-11 attacks; and more artsy-fartsy black-and-white photography/filler by yours truly. Oh, baby...

There are also a few issues of #4 left. Get them both for $1 plus postage. See main page for ordering information.


Howdy! I'm pleased to announce that issue #4 of cain has leaped off the presses. This issue is the most ambitious ever--50 pages packed with stimulating anecdotes and tidbits of useless information. Even more hyperintellectual ranting than cain #3, with lengthy ruminations on politics, popular culture, holiday depression, and a thought-provoking piece of reportage on a homeless shelter. This issue also features all original artwork and photography (I've banished clipart from my zine once and for all) and a crisp new format. My goodness, has it really been exactly a year since I last put out an issue? Get your grubby paws on my zine now or else you'll have to wait another year! See the main page for ordering information.


Hi again. It's been a while, but cain is back. Issue number three is about to go to the presses. I'm putting it together right now. Cain #3 is the biggest issue ever--a 52-page whopper, completely written by me! That's right, all of my friends were too busy to complete articles in time for this issue (but I have two works in progress coming to me for the next issue), so I had to write like a madwoman for seven weeks straight. I hope it will all pay off in a matter of days, but you, reader, are the final judge. You can place an order using the contact on the main page. Thanks for your patience!


Hello there. Hope you're enjoying the page. I have no interesting news to report, but I just thought I'd fill in this link. Please feel free to sign my guestbook and tell me what you think of the page. Just a brief note would be nice. I'm starved for attention, here. (I have a private counter that registers how many pageviews I get each day, so I know you motherfuckers are out there. You cannot elude my watchful eye. (No search engines have spidered me yet, so don't try to front like you're not people I emailed personally in my sad little attempt at publicizing this thing.) Um, sorry about this digression.)

In terms of the actual zine, I haven't had very much time to work on issue three of cain due to academic commitments and whatnot. The next installment of the cain saga may have to wait until the summer of 2000. But I've got a few copies of issue two left, so get 'em while they're hot.