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Just to toot my own horn a little more, here are some reviews of issue 2 of cain and cain in general.

Jason Pettus of Broken Pencil didn't get the gist of my zine quite right (I'm not really that bitter, am I?), but he nonetheless gives praise:

"This personal zine is a [from] very, very, very bitter high school senior on the eastern seaboard.  Actually, I shouldn't complain—the writing is more intelligent [than] I've ever seen an 18 year-old write, even if it’'s about the perpetually-obsessive subjects of how much your town sucks, how much your parents suck, how much Christianity sucks...etc.  Includes a hilarious story of getting fired from an internship before even getting hired, and a friend's report of "infiltrating" the blue-collar world for the first time, via bike messengering.  Michelle, dear, believe me, life gets a hell of a lot better when you get to college.  Take my word for it!"

Josh Saitz of Negative Capability fame says of both issues:

"My friend Michelle just started college, but before she left, she did two great issues of her highly personal, highly intellectual zine. Though it's insightful, wordy and interesting, don't let the idea of a "smart" zine lull you into the false sense that it's dull. It's actually lively and fascinating, funny and furious, frank and forgiving, and that's all the f-words I can think of before I say, "Fucking Great, too." She's a smart person, but more than that, she's something most zine publishers aren't: SINCERE. And for that, I say, rock on!"

The folks at Angry Thoreauan also found my zine stimulating and enjoyable, if random at times:

"A perzine that has loads of appreciable stories ... Although Cain tends to bounce around a bit, there is much to be enjoyed within it, for the rants fiction, reviews and attitudes about the topics are well thought out. The clip art and plain layout is deceptive; this zine offers some really good reading.

So what are you waiting for? Buy an issue right this very minute. You may never be able to live with yourself if you don't.

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